Correlation of a well-known genetic variation in one carbon metabolism pathway with breast cancer susceptibility in Iranian population

Document Type : Systematic Review


1 Member of Research Committee, Medical School, Hamedan University of Medical Sciences, Hamedan, Iran

2 Department of Anatomical Sciences, Medical School, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah, Iran

3 Department of Research and Technology of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences, Kermanshah, Iran


The one carbon metabolism pathway is an important cycle in the cellular reactions. One of a key gene in the mentioned pathway is methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. This gene contains numerous variations that the rs1801133 is considered as the most common polymorphism of this gene. This study aimed to examine the correlation of above-mentioned genetic variation with breast tumor risk in Iran by meta-analysis. In a systematic search, valid electronic databases such as PubMed and Goggle scholar were used to gain eligible studies. After search and screening procedure five suitable papers were included in our meta-analysis. To evaluate the strength of association values, the odds ratio (OR) and 95% confidence interval (CI) were examined by online software. The data from meta-analysis illustrated that the rs1801133 genetic variation is correlated with breast cancer in TT vs. CC and TT vs. CC+CT hereditary models within Iranian women. Also, the pooled OR revealed that the studies with sample size> 250 are associated with breast cancer. According to these finding the studied single nucleotide polymorphism could be considered as molecular genetic variation for breast cancer in Iranian women.

Graphical Abstract

Correlation of a well-known genetic variation in one carbon metabolism pathway with breast cancer susceptibility in Iranian population


  • The MTHFR is an important gene for cell procedures and tumor pathways.
  • The rs1801133 is associated with breast cancer in Iran population.
  • The rs1801133 is associated with breast cancer in studies with sample size more than 250 subjects.


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